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Social orphans
The Russian Federal Bank for Adoption contains 40 thousand orphans. Another 30 thousand Russian children are social orphans. That means they live in orphanages, although their parents are not deprived of parental rights.

Shelter «Ray of Hope»

It helps to return childhood to children not needed by their parents.
Why we help «Ray of hope» Shelter
It is a private shelter for children left without parental care. It was founded a year ago at a difficult quarantine time, when business, the first assistant in social initiatives, needs help itself. In fact, there are already children in the orphanage but there are no permanent benefactors. Therefore, we`ve got involved.

Shelter format
It is a small family-like shelter for children. 15 pupils live there now. All children are of preschool or primary school age. There is a unique atmosphere in the shelter – no formalism or total regime. but Easter cakes, home concerts and funny birthdays! There is freedom of choice and sincere caring of each other.

How to help
We urgently need to pay off the quarantine costs – buy a laptop for distance preparation for Ksyusha's exams – she is graduating school next year. Also primary school pupils need a printer for printing school projects and visualization of individual assignments.

How to help

Vadim Markin
Ask any questions directly to the founder of the fund