Our mission
We feed, treat, and teach the poorest children on the planet for them to see a better future and for us to meet them there.

We believe
every child is a heaven's gift. His life is priceless
there is enough water, food, and kindness on our planet for everyone
most people are sympathetic and generous, but sometimes they need a little help to help others
great goals can be reached with small steps
we are to change the world

We want

children to be free of skin-color discrimination

all children to have a happy childhood and equal rights

children all over the world to have equal access to medical care and education and never face violence

every child to be loved and respected

We do

everything we can do.

We use professional competencies, involve public institutions, mobilize local resources.

We open schools in slums and fund their activities.

We build medical centers.

We fund educational projects.

We support shelters where orphans, street children, refugees from war zones, victims of violence, and drug addicts live.

We provide free medical care to children from the slums.

We share our ideas with everyone.

We grow ourselves and sow the seeds.

We aim

to systematically improve the quality of children's lives in the most disadvantaged parts of the world.

to spread the idea of deliverance from suffering – the only way for humanity's self-preservation, and by helping others, we help ourselves.

We are open

to any communication and collaboration.

We are tolerant of everyone and honest with everybody.

It is quite simple

children are our life. Our immortal life. And if there is anything more important?

Fund Board
people who drive "children must live"
  • the founder
  • Vesela Markina
    the board member
  • the board member
  • the board member
  • Katerina Markina
    the board member
  • Andrey Markin
    the board member