Tire Sandals
Crocs is a worldwide known footwear brand. Worldwide...except for Kenya. Here is a Kenyan version
Kenyan "crocs" are eco-friendly, ergonomic, treaded... And ten times cheaper than the branded analog. These "crocs" are made of used car tires
For Turkana children, such footwear is a blessing.
Sandals are almost eternal. They don't get wet, don't get torn.
They are inherited by the younger brother. If the older one owns them, of course
Not every child in Kenya has such a blessing. Two dollars – the price of a pair of sandals in the local market – is very high. Kenyan parents save on children because there are many children and little money… Therefore, from an early age, local kids walk barefoot in the rocky terrain of the Turkana region.
By adulthood, the feet of most of them are mutilated
We suggest to everyone who used to buy their kids $40 sandals to buy (on change from the purchase) a pair of garbage shoes for Turkana kids
We have reliable artisans in Lodwar, Kenya
We also have raw materials: car tires are collected on the sides of Kenyan roads.

Four pairs of sandals are obtained from the car wheel, from a truck tire up to a dozen.

Local crafters make a batch of two hundred pairs within a week
There are different models in the assortment of Lodwar shoemakers.
Classic is oval sandals with a cut-off tread on the sole.
There are "Vietnamese" slippers. There are even models with heels! With uncut tread. There is a "Masai" version just a piece of a tire with straps. And there are "booties" for the babies, made of the soft sidewall of the tire
The range of shoes
To save kids`s feet
15 thousand barefoot children of the Turkana tribe are waiting for their turn to get the tire sandals.

You can save their feet right now