children must live

News from the fields

Shelter is an inexhaustible source of optimistic news. We offer you a fresh video digest from Shelter's farm, where harvesting is in full swing.
Well, first of all, honey. It’s “sheltermade”, and the volumes are impressive. In the first video, Agnes shows a special room - honey press. Here they have a semi-industrial honey extracting machine and bags with plastic containers for honey. Surplus products are also sold.
The second video showsthe tomato harvest. Employees together with the children gather the vegetables. As Agnes notes, the yield is very high.
The third video shows a drying room. The whole production process for onion preparation is organized here. The room is equipped with special well ventilated drying tables. After drying up, the onions are packed in kilogram (for sale), 30 and 50 kg bags. Part of onions remains in the Shelter and another part is carried to the market by the "blue car", the Shelter minibus.
In the fourth video, Agnes demonstrates where the money received from the sale of vegetables and honey goes to. The dining room for children in the Shelter has been significantly increased. The walls of the reconstructed premises are plastered. In the distribution window you can see an arsenal of cans of wall paint. The frames of future benches and tables for eating are mounted in the room.
The kitchen - video 5 - is also newly equipped with several boilers, partly made of copper. Without further ado, it is clear that increasing the volume of the boiler for coal is the best sign in Kenya :).
Well, the sixth video is about those for whom all this is being done, and whom we are helping. The newcomers to the Shelter are the guys and girls from Congo. They speak quietly, the names are poorly heard, but it is clear enough that they really like their new home.

On behalf of Agnes, the foundation team and the Shelter orphanage inmates, we would like to thank everyone for everything that you have just seen. After all, no matter how pretentious it sounds, but the grains (seeds, seedlings, fertilizers), from which this amazing crop grew, were “planted” by you and us. Where Agnes says “Vadim” in the video, this means the Children must live foundation. Simply transfer is made from Vadim Markin's personal card.
So, it’s not bad, agree? This is not a great sum for Russia, but in Africa it is decent money, which is enough to feed the children and sell the surplus. Thank you for not passing by!