children must live

Four teachers and a cook

This is how “small steps theory” works. If you monitor the situation constantly, it seems that nothing special happens. And if you compare the situation with a difference of six months, the changes are enormous!
We are very pleased with the latest news from Kibera, the school of Alfred Okumu.
If you compare them with the summer news, even the pictures will be different. Compare below.
Alfred's school a few months ago was a 7 x 8 meter room, conventionally divided into three classes. And 50 children from the poorest families who came here not so much for knowledge as for a portion of corn porridge. And one volunteer teacher. And the pastor himself, who delivered food to his disciples during the pandemic.
And today's photos when the school reopened after the pandemic: 4 (!) teachers and a cook, washstand and masks, new multi-colored chairs. Some children have a form! And they have plans! In the short term - on the arrangement of the school toilet room.
Thanks to everyone who, together with us, came "in small steps" to inspiring results.
Alfred not only thanks for the material assistance, but also asks our prayers for his students. On the days of Christmas, do not refuse these people prayer help.