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Schools open again in Kenya

Public schools officially opened in Kenya on January 4. Despite the fact that the number of cases of coronavirus infection is still growing and is approaching the 100,000 mark (by just over a million tests).
On average, 100 new cases of infection per day are recorded in the country. The total number of recoveries is almost 80 thousand. The number of deaths is 1,686 (as of January 5, 2021).
And nevertheless, the children went to study. Kenya has kept schoolchildren at a "remote education " longer than many countries. Moreover, the Kenyan "remote" is not distance learning, which has at least some efficiency, but a complete lack of education, since the vast majority of Kenyan schoolchildren do not have computers. Returning to the desk is the only opportunity to gain knowledge.
Private schools, including free ones, have also opened. Children from the slums of Kibera, as we wrote earlier, also returned to Alfred Okumu's school.

Pictured: Students at Ayani Elementary School in Nairobi during a lesson on the school's official opening day, January 4, 2021.