we educate the poorest children in the biggest African slum
every day six dozen children from the poorest families of Kibera come here for a portion of knowledge and porridge

school functions

nutrition program
Children eat two times a day (people living in slums usually eat only once, after sunset). On the school menu: ugali, rice, legumes, salad, a moringa drink - a highly nutritious food supplement that compensates for the scarcity of the diet
The school performs three functions:
- educational
- social
- sanative
medical program
Once a month, visiting nurse examines the children. Provides primary care and treats wounds. The school has a monthly replenished first aid kit with essential medicines
It's an outstanding school by slum standards, with electricity, furniture, textbooks, and staff. The school has three classes. Professional teachers teach the lessons of "Swahili,” "English,” "grammar,” "the world around us,” and "applied art”

children and money

The main principle of enrollment in school is reverse selection. We accept kids from the poorest families of Kibera to a school that will not have another chance. Parents pay no school fees.
The school provides free textbooks, writing materials, meals, and uniforms

help us open the fourth class
grade 1 of primary school

The first academic year at our Tabor School has ended.
A new one starts in April.
But the students in our senior class, “pre-primary 2,” hit the ceiling. Initially, we did not have the next step, there were only three classes.
Now we are recruiting kids into a new “playgroup,” and the older ones will continue their studies in “grade 1”, which is to be opened.

So step by step, in 5-6 years, we will complete the educational vertical up to 11 classes so that Tabor School becomes a full-fledged primary school.
Children will finish it at 14 and decide whether to go to work or study further at the following educational institution.

We also need to equip a room for the new grade. We didn’t think it would be so hard: first the covid, then the Russian-Ukrainian war. Prices for building materials in Kenya have crept up. But we cannot stop and expel the children. We really want to teach them. For Tabor School to become a social ladder to the stable tomorrow, not a demo version of a better life that they were shown and abandoned...

Help us open the new grade.
Class repairing
help us with materials to repair the room for children
Class filling
help with goods needed for new students
– charitable foundation, the establisher of Tabor School.

We drive a dozen of projects in Kenya that protect and support children in danger. We have treated 1,520 children in 2021. We teach 138 students and feed 297 children daily.

children must live partners with schools, shelters, and medical facilities in Kenya to provide the best possible help.

Unified Identification Code: 205929402
132 Mimi Balkanska St, Slatina District, Sofia 1540, Bulgaria
The school is registered in Kenya as Community Based Organization.
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