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Social orphans
450 thousand of almost 23 million Russian children are social orphans. Their parents either found themselves in an extremely difficult life situation (illnesses, loss of housing) or evade education, lost or were limited in parental rights.
Their children are often malnourished. They wander, steal, spend nights at railway stations.

Dmitry Donskoy Children Shelter

We help to raise children who cannot be raised by their own parents for different reasons
Why we help Dmitry Donskoy Children Shelter
The shelter replaces for abandoned children the home and family, which they did not have. As they did not have a joyful and carefree childhood full of discoveries and love, gifts under the Christmas tree, bedtime stories and family outings. Because the parents had a lot of problems. And the child became another one.
Now childhood returned to them.

Shelter format
This is a private shelter based on charitable donations. Its pupils are children aged from 2 to 14 years old.
The pupils live in a large house at the forest edge. They grow up and study together. Celebrate birthdays, bake apple pie on Sundays, attend clubs and sections, go camping and spend summer vocations at the seashore. It is very similar to a close-knit family – nothing at all from a state institution.

How to help

The shelter has its own territory. During quarantine days, this is a huge advantage. Children play football, swing on a swing, bake potatoes on the grill. Sports equipment has worn out during the isolation. They need to refill the supply of balls and jump ropes. They also need two laptops to organize distance learning for the isolated schoolchildren. Kids will also be very happy with board games and creative sets.

How to help

Vadim Markin
Ask any questions directly to the founder of the fund