children must live

Vadim Markin visited an orphanage in Nairobi

We flew to Nairobi and got to Shelter. The first day was devoted to getting used to the local life and a sightseeing tour.
We visited the school, saw the building of the future medical office, which is being opened by our foundation.

We met with a nurse who is already on duty. So far, minor repairs are being completed and equipment is being purchased. The opening of the office in a week. Then I will tell and show you everything in detail.
The children are very happy with us. Shelter houses the elementary and middle schools. Children go to college to study elsewhere, on grants from the state. Some of the kids live in the shelter. These are children from dysfunctional families, orphans. The rest are students from the surrounding villages. In the shelter they receive not only education, but also food. On the occasion of tomorrow's opening of the girls' building, all the children have new school uniforms and happy faces.
We are generally very warmly received here. An accident gave us an opportunity to fully appreciate the friendship of the Congress. The fact is that Ethiopian Airlines lost some of our luggage. And our African friends took full charge of the search for it. Friends are friends in need.