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We spent two days in Shelter

We spent two days in Shelter. The administration and residents of this centre are our partners and friends. One and a half hundred incredibly charming children from 3 to 18 years old live here. The little ones study here. The middle ones go to Nairobi to boarding school, the older ones also go to Nairobi - to colleges and universities.
All children are orphans. Everyone has their own tragic story. They are street children, drug addicts, children from Rwanda who fled the war, extremely young wives of older Kenyans. The police took them from their husbands by force.
We have been helping this center for over two years. They have a big farm here - a huge fruit garden, a vegetable garden and a farm. We even helped plant the garden, and bought a cow for the farm to replace the stolen one.
Children here, however, are as charming as possible, very contact but delicate. Both friendly and unobtrusive. A rare mix for a child! ) But it's better to watch children than to read about them;)

And a couple of words about the main project of the trip. We started building a first-aid post in Sheltor! The one that has been dreamed of here for many years. We recently told about our intention in detail. We settled all the paperwork (Children Must Live foundation became one of the founders), got acquainted with the contractors, looked at the place where work will begin on Monday. We even saw potential patients. A beautiful elderly Kenyan Masai came to the director of the Shelter with some problem of her own. She came up, wearing her “shuka” around the body and shoulder-length earrings and smiling broadly sang out an alien “Habari” (greeting in Swahili).
She person has no access to medicine. No insurance policy, no money for a private doctor.
Therefore, we are building a first-aid post not only for shelters residents, but for their colorful neighbors.
Our first-aid post will be rather small - with three rooms: an examination room, a treatment room and a pharmacy with mostly free medicines. There is also a place for an express laboratory for diagnosing malaria, for example, or diabetes.
The builders promised to build post by the end of February. We'll be back in a couple of weeks to see how they're doing.
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