children must live

Our team arrived to Kenya!

This is our sixth missionary trip. We’re exploring new horizons and starting up new projects. There are people in the team who are here for the first time. So their impressions are probably brighter than others. Asking them to share.

“So far, we just flew in, slept a bit, and met offline our online friends)
It cannot be said that we are absolutely unprepared travellers. We got to know much about Kenia.
At least on the first day, there was no shocking content. But there was …disappointment in the …men …of the Masai tribe)). “Amazing egotists! Absolutely irresponsible parents and husbands. They take all the money for themselves - do not give it to their wives. They refuse to even feed their children. Some own herds of hundreds of cows. They are rich people indeed. But they do nothing good for their families. If a cow gets sick and a child gets sick, a doctor will be called to the cow. Crazy with their cows!” - this is how Mari, the director of the Shelter, described the male part of the neighboring tribe.
It should be added that Masai men have several wives. Sometimes very young. All have children. But numerous offspring do not disturb the daddy - he has a separate house🤷‍♀️
One more thing: the Masai believe that all the cows in the world belong to them. They have their arguments for this. Arguments are rather controversial, but it does not stop the Masai from …stealing all the badly tied cows in the area.
And Masai women are beautiful! Awesome beaded earrings! Colour pareos. They are called shuka and are worn in the same way as ancient Roman togas. African beauty!
And local kids. They are super!