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It doesn`t mean that the work of the Children Must live foundation did not go on as usual If we haven't written for some time. By analogy with «if you don't know your plumber by sight it means he just does his job well» ;)
So it`s autumn in Kenya, a harvest time when they count bags with cabbage and spinach. With amazement, we watched fresh video reports from Shelter, whom we & you help. Need to say that the guys there have created a whole agricultural cluster that produces - ta-dam! - 22 types of agricultural products! Can you imagine? The shelter produces more than two dozen crops: The Russian Ministry of Agriculture fades in comparison.
The vegetable garden is so productive that Shelter began to supply excess production to the local market and earn money for further development! It must be admitted that they are doing well there both with marketing and with knowledge of consumer demand. In addition to the well-known vegetables and fruits, the farm grows local crops that are popular among the Kenyan tribes – they are successfully sold to the local population.
There is a video sketch from Shelter's "organic farm". The guide`s name is Agnes. Well, let`s admire efficient production and enjoy being involved in a good thing.