children must live

Vegetable paradise

The country's authorities do not dare to open schools, the people organize food riots. Meanwhile in Shelter they are preparing to harvest the first crop of spinach. Onions, then cabbage and tomatoes are on the way.

For several months we have been transferring donations to Shelter for setting up gardens -the purchase of seeds and fertilizers. And that's the first results. Not just cultivated land and the first coasts, but an advanced agriculture with a real system of mist irrigation (like that, every couple of minutes they mist pandas in the Moscow Zoo :). In fact, mist irrigation substantially saves water and significantly reduces the cost of agricultural production in Africa.

We sincerely congratulate the farmers 🙂 of Shelter with excellent sprouts and wish to collect ... eight harvests a year! With your sun and hard work and our seeds&fertilizers - it's quite real.

For reference. Shelter is a haven for Kenyan street children, who are fed, clothed and educated here. Shelter has land suitable for farming in order to feed the pupils with fresh vegetables and fruits, but did not have money to cultivate it - in March, 80% of the garden was empty. But soon, it seems, a "garden city" will be there.