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Kenyan Chronicles September 15th

Today we ‘ve opened our school in Kibera with great support of our friends from “IntelexGlobal” company. Thanks to everyone who was with us nearby and from afar!
We opened a primary school in a slum for the world's poorest children. That was the main goal of our trip.
Yesterday a lot of problems concerning the school were not solved. But late in the evening Alfred Akumu, our manager, sent us a photo of the children in school and even in uniform. And we realised that everything would be ok.
Alfred is our hero. He prepared the school for opening in ... a week. He made practical steps so that children in school uniforms on day X came to the room, sat down, took a textbook and began to learn reading.
There are also heroes from International investment company “IntelexGlobal» , who personally flew to Kenya and without whose participation nothing would have happened. At least that fast.
There are still a lot of problems. There is no reserve fund. The children's meal is very meager. Electricity is connected from the neighbors, but we need it from the substation. We are collecting water into the basin, but need a pipe. Teachers' salaries are half that of their counterparts in mission schools.
But we will solve these problems while our children learn the alphabet.
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